Services Overview

Heartwork Trending Counseling and Consulting Services, PLLC, services are “umbrella-ed” under two main services. See below for more details.

Counseling- Individual Therapy (Client Centered, One-on-One)

Consulting- Advising, Coaching, Speaking, Training, Hosting, Facilitating, etc.

Counseling Services

Heartwork Trending Counseling & Consulting, PLLC. provides Individual and Group Teen and Adolescent Therapy for ages 10-21. While we do occasionally see adults, our primary focus is middle school, high school, & college age.

Counseling areas of expertise (including, but not limited to):

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Consulting Services

  • Speaking

    • Keynote/Facilitator/Breakout Sessions

  • Training/Consultations

    • Professional & Personal Development

    • Parent Coaching

The following topics are offered:

  • Suicide/Crisis Prevention and Intervention

  • Parenting and Leadership Styles

  • Social Media Awareness & Etiquette

  • Academic Mentoring

  • Self Care & Personal Wellness Sessions: Beating the Burnout

    • Anxiety/Stress Management:

    • Goal Setting and Time Management

    • Enrichment & Life Prep Classes:

      • Creative Writing & Intentional Journaling Classes

      • Life Mapping (Vision Board & Scrapbooking Style)

Partnership Opportunities

Heartwork Trending has partnered with multiple schools, organizations, and business across the city to host community mental health events. Our partners and supporters include:

The Troubled Movement, Inc., The Butterfly Project, Elements of ME Writing & Motivation, Julia Cooks Organic Food Truck, Powered by Humanity, Blackwood Portables, Big A Balloons, Ashmore Custom Vinyl & Designs, The Born Identity Project, Stepping Into Shoes Mentoring, D&K (formerly Bridges Behavioral Health), TH Sport Psychology Consulting, With You In Mind: Anti-Human Trafficking Org., 713Print Wear,Dream High Society, WORK-ISH, Persuaded Beauty and MORE!

Partnership opportunities include:

  • Volunteer, mentor, etc. based on your heartwork (talent), business goals and budget.

  • Showcase your business or organization through cross advertising, promoting, and networking at events.

  • Become a part of group of professionals that aid in supporting families.