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The Ladies' Launch: Sisterhood. Self-Care.Skate


Do you often feel like you have to be everything to everybody, so often that you forget about yourself? Do you feel like you can't seem to get a break?

Join myself & others for the Ladies' Launch! 

As a Mental Health Specialist/Therapist & Energy Strategist, I will guide you through ways to beat the burnout of juggling life!

In this session, we will revisit areas of self love, boundaries, and tips to revamp & revitalize your life.

This personable & engaging session may have you laughing & crying, but you will leave with memorable moments! :) 

I will teach you how to: 

Learn & define Compassion Fatigue & Burnout, its symptoms, and identify ways to beat the burnout. 

Evaluate current situations & develop personalized self care plans using practical strategies & tips to reduce anxiety, depression, and unnecessary stress.  

Redefine & reallocate energies to get back time in our day to recharge and maintain positive mental health.

Connect with others and share experiences to build support systems in a fun, non-judgmental space. This is the place to promote your business, exchange information & make new collaborations. 

The session is $30, which includes food, materials, & take home resources,etc.