Music and Writing Saved My Life! What saved yours?

"Writing has always been my passion, a way to express my emotions, and more importantly…heal. I hope that when you read this book of poems, you smile, you cry, you relate, and you join me on the journey of unmasking to become unmatched. You belong. You have purpose. You are imperfectly perfect. So many people have let me into their lives, but only a few know about me..."- Unmasked: The Journey and Its Lessons

I'll admit that I was apprehensive about straying away from the traditional office, " couch" therapy role because I didn't want people to lose sight of what a therapist "looked" like, which was a preposterous thought when I really heard myself say that aloud. I mean, mask off, I'm breaking stereotypes, and crashing glass ceilings, anyway!  From a more spiritual space, God whispered to me, "Remember your calling."  God called me to reach lives, bring hope, and healing to teens. I also reflected on the idea that Jesus went out among the people to do his heartwork, so why can't I?  Doing so wouldn't make me any less of a professional.

Once again, I followed my heart, and it lead me to create "The Unmask the Gift Project". When I wrote Unmasked: The Journey and Its Lessons, I set out to share my story, and show people who I was behind the mask (imperfections and growth). I wanted to be transparent to let others know that we have all suffered with mental issues (yes, even me), and overcame them with therapy and support. Lastly, the educator in me, desired to promote literacy, and be a living example of  how writing (journaling, reflecting, etc.) can be a powerful healing tool. 

Ironically, I partnered with a childhood friend, who was dropping his album, "The Gift Box". Our visions of encouraging people to be true to themselves, and use their gifts to achieve greatness aligned, so we decided to use our talents to help students discover their truths. We both attended GLEC, an HISD Fine Arts Magnet School, so we knew the impact that music and literacy could have on improving behaviors, academics, and overall self esteem. Yes! Music and writing saved our lives, and our passions became our careers. This is our way of saying, "Thank you", and giving back to  a community that fostered our love for the arts.

Our goal is to partner with schools, and community organizations to mentor students, inspire them to use their gifts, and provide positive outlets through writing and music.  Allow me to introduce The Unmask the Gift Project. Join us in this endeavor. 

Mission: The Purpose of the Unmask the Gift Project is to promote mental and self awareness through creative art and self expression

Vision: To inspire audiences to unmask their potential and operate authentically in their gifts.

Kick off is Feb. 23rd. Check out:

I realize that my success is never accredited to myself, but to those that love me enough not to let me fail.
— Unmasked: The Journey and Its Lessons


“Hold on! I’m working on something. Hold on! I’m working on something. Hold. On. I’m. working. on. something”, I kept hearing as I curled up in a ball, wounded up in bundles of blankets and covers, not sure how I was going to get out of all of this. So symbolic of my life right now. Each time, I hear this response, it sounds like the voice of someone I lost: my dad, my 2nd oldest brother, Keith’e, and my youngest oldest brother, Chuck.

This was the resounding response from a question that I asked God in a silent prayer 3 nights ago (and yes, I questioned God, but that’s another blog): “Am I missing something? Like I don’t get this at all. Every time, I think I’m set to fly, my wings get clipped, and I start back on the ground.”

The same calm response was, “Hold on, I am working on something.”

I repeated it a few times, then I thought to myself, “Ok, what is that supposed to mean? Help me out here!”

These memories popped up in my spirit. I remember growing up as the only girl, and it dawned on me that they all told me that same sh#@, and I would get frustrated because I thought that they were too busy for me, when in fact, (I didn’t see it at that moment) they were working for me. When my dad was working on the car, “Hold on, I’m working on something.” The next day, my car was washed and full of gas. When my brother, Keith’e was playing dominoes or on the phone, he was making a money move, “Hold on, big sis, I’m working on something.” The next thing, I know he would ask me if I needed anything. When Charles was working on beats, “Ok. I got you, but hold on, I’m working on something.” The next hour or so, Chuck would pop up, like “Now, what did you need?”

For anyone who is going through a tough time, like me, this our reminder that God has not forgotten about us. He is busy, working for us. The experiences that feel like setbacks are actually opportunities to re-evaluate, and refocus for the next phase of the journey that God is taking us on. Let’s call this the layover phase. Let’s use this space to recollect your thoughts, restore peace, and prepare.

Let me whisper this to your heart, “Hold on, He is working on something.”