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National Black Girl Excellence Awards

The Black Girl Excellence Awards, is a national event that celebrates the important role that African American Women play in every industry of our society and the invaluable impact of positive representation.

According to the African American policy forum; Black girls have a higher incidence of emotional difficulties than any other group of girls. A recent study revealed that 67% of Black girls have indicated that they felt sad or hopeless for an extended period and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, Black girls’ suspension and expulsion rates were higher than any other group of girls. Now more than ever, our youth need strong role models.

We have a duty to ourselves and the generations that follow us to leave those that must walk our paths less broken than we were when we began the journey to womanhood. Our event The Black Girl Excellence Awards will honor some of the nation’s top professionals and will draw a diverse audience including parents, professionals, youth, teachers and other members of the community.

The Black Girl Excellence Awards, is a unique opportunity to generate goodwill with the community and to make positive impressions on the next generation of influencers and business owners. This event will highlight our Next Generation Vendors; who are business owners between the ages of 8-18 years of age at no cost to them! We are invested in leaving the road to womanhood and entrepreneurship less broken than it was when we found it.